Love Love Love

love love love the upcycling concept of give plus take.

in the past, when i’ve cleaned out my closet, my awesomely stylish clothes, handbags & jewelry have been relegated to languishing at our yearly yard sale. where even at $2 an item, it’s just not appreciated by the masses. or even sells for that matter.

along comes give plus take with it’s absolutely brill concept of a clothes swap mashed up with a little boutique atmosphere minus the attitude. where my fashionable castoffs have found a new home & hopefully a new life.

several other yelpers have already gone into how G+T works, so i won’t bore you with those details again but just relay my pleasant, positive experiences with this little gem of a shop on ocean park blvd in santa monica.

celina is the owner/eye of G+T and i was nicely surprised that she remembered my name even though it was only my second visit to the store.

the inventory changes from day to day depending who has been in to drop off. thoughtful celina has put a cap on store visits – limiting each shopper to 2 shopping days per month, giving everyone a fair chance to scoop up fantastic fashion finds.

i would estimate probably 80% of my current wardrobe is from give plus take. and i currently love everything in my closet. how many can say that?

my past visit scores include: a pair of marc jacobs “angela” jeans for $6, a banana republic grey military jacket for $3, a black pair of seven for all mankind jeans for $3, a sterling silver hand hammered horseshoe necklace for $3, several free people tops and tanks for $3, a pair of custom or sample jeans of truly original design that have become my day-to-day staple for $6 and the list goes on.

i must note, the prices are not actually prices but points accumulated from items brought in.

and my castoffs – a foley corrina leather duffel, trina turk aviators, a silver snakeskin botkier “bianca” as well as other tops, dresses & jeans that i no longer have love for, have found new homes, so happiness all around!

plus if you get something from give plus take that you end up not loving so much, you can bring it back and put it back into rotation for someone else to discover.

so you’ve recycled AND supported a small business while giving your closet a cleanout AND an update simultaneously.

happiness all around indeed.

Shellaine C.