Fabulous at a Fraction

It’s always a high when you manage to find something fabulous at a fraction of the price anywhere else.  But what if you can refresh your own wardrobe by just swapping clothing/shoes/accessories you’re no longer wearing?  Everyone can afford to “shop” here!  I love this boutique and I wish I could stop by more often to check out what has been dropped off by other stylish ladies….    Seriously, I’ve seen Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Nanette Lepore, Kooba, and much more in the main room.   Plus, there’s another room filled with fun pieces from H&M, Banana Republic, etc.  Not to be out done is, well… the Free Room.  Yes, all the purses, shoes, dresses you find in here are free.  How nice is that?

Bring your unwanted clothes to swap !  You will for sure find something new and exciting that you just “can’t live without.”  I know I did.

Erne T.