Closet Clean

I joined in October and was skeptical but after seeing all the goodies I jumped in.

I have been twice now and let me tell you it is fabulous!  I was in serious need of a closet clean out but in denial (would the consignment store take my DVF dress I adored, wore once, and now can’t fit into?  Would it make enough $ for me to buy something else at a retail store?).  Retail is ridiculous sometimes, consignment is annoying, and with the “swap” method you’re unloading your still awesome clothes onto someone who fits into them/likes them, while still getting some nice things for yourself.  This also keeps with my value of recycling and supporting smaller businesses.  Additionally, I feel like part of a unique culture of thoughtful stylish ladies as both times I went in I spent a few hours looking, trying on clothes, and chatting with other gals.

I think some may shy away from this type of shopping but I say go for it, many of the items I’ve received still had price tags on them and others, though gently used, had tons of miles left in them.  There are lots of sizes and styles for each body to choose from as well.

Lastly, if I change my mind or just get tired of something, it’s easy to return to the shop and get something else, or simply rack up points for later (you get red hot points and regular points, so it’s not always an even swap…it’s often better!).

Latisha O.