Absolutely Love

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SHOP!!!  I am too busy usually to take the time to write Yelp reports, but because I enjoy reading them so much, I do write them for places I ABSOLUTELY LOVE.  This is one of them.  I wanted to take my clothes to a consignment shop, since I had some really nice pieces.  However, from all the reviews about this path, it seemed like a waste of time.  Then I came across this shop.  I had never really heard of this kind of concept so I was SUPER CURIOUS as to how it worked.  For 30 dollars a month I get to bring in all the clothes that I don’t wear and swap them for new (to me) clothes that I would wear.  I have been a member for about 5 months now and about 80% of my closet is now from G + T!  Their are so many great, great parts about it – but to just name a few – 1. Celina – PRECIOUS, HUMBLE, LOVING AND BEAUTIFUL.  2. I get more DARING!  I get daring with my choices because I always know I can swap it the next visit and get daring again. 3. The great high end pieces – Seriously, any one piece I walk out with is worth the monthly $30.00 – so the fact that I can swap boxes of clothes – BLOWS ME AWAY!!! 4. Automatic payment – It comes out of my bank account every month, so no hassle there.  5. Whenever I go in to shop, it is like a “Girl’s Party”.  It is like we have known each other for years – giving advice and options on the latest item that is tried on.  SOOO FUN!  6. Parking – in the back alley at the bank.  I park there each time and fingers crossed have not had a problem. 7. THE FREE PILE – The items that have been there too long or Celina doesn’t accept or have a slight imperfection go into the ‘FREE PILE”.  I can honestly say, it is my most favorite time sifting through all the “free” awesome items.   I usually walk away with a few BAGS of things that I LOVE!!  It is a little chunk of upfront money – but it is WELLLLLLLL WORTH it!!!  I can not encourage you enough to TAKE THE PLUNGE – WORTH EVERY DOLLAR!!!!  Look forward to “shopping with you”:-)


Jena R.