A Fun Respite From the Mall

I have been a loyal member since the first weekend of the Give + Take grand opening.  I, too, had grown tired of wasting time and energy selling my high-end, gently-worn items on eBay and Craigslist fearing that they wouldn’t get the justice they deserved by a donation to Goodwill.  At least once a month, I visit and I always leave with at least one fabulous and fun item to add to my wardrobe.

And yes, the policies have evolved over the course of my membership, but overall, they have always been in the best interests of the members, both new and old.  I love any idea that brings in new members -particularly those of you who have size 6 designer duds and size 7.5 tootsies!  The red hot section is a great way for other members to decide what’s hot and what’s not.  If anything, it encouraged me to bring better items so I could snag those hot Juicy sunglasses and the Nanette Lepore dress that makes me look two sizes smaller.  Where else can you bring a cute little Joy Han dress and leave with some Paige premium denim and a BCBG silk camisole?

The Give + Take swap boutique is such a fun respite from regular mall and boutique shopping, and I feel good participating in a greener way to change out my wardrobe. I have even found it to be a great way to shop in my friends’ closets by getting them to join, too!

Janet S.