A Brilliant Alternative to Consignment

Give + Take is a brilliant alternative to the consignment store. About a year before I found Give + Take, I went to great lengths to find an economical way to clear my closet. I sold on eBay and multiple consignment stores, only to spend a lot of time without much payback on my high quality, well-kept, designer labels that I no longer wore or fit. How I wish I could have all that clothing back to bring in to Give + Take swap boutique! The great thing about this shop is that it carries current, high quality clothing. I rarely leave empty handed, and I’m a picky shopper. It has changed my entire shopping attitude. I’m much more daring in my shopping habits now, because I know if I only wear an item once or twice, I can always bring it in to Give + Take, and leave with a comparable item in return! I recently went through an experimental boot phase (still am, actually) that I know for a fact left a few Give + Take shoppers happy!

Shawna H.