Ok, this new shopping concept is AWESOME!  It feels like I’m trading clothes with my girlfriends or roommates, except there are 100 of them, all sorts of styles, and a ton of name brand and designer pieces. I left with three bags filled with everything from True Religion jeans, to cute ballet flats, to this amazing black Badgley Mischka cocktail dress in mint condition. I felt like I was getting an entire new wardrobe for free, crazy! The boutique is really adorable too, roomy and well organized. The other women at the swap were sweet, and everyone got to chat and get to know each other. This is like no other store you’ve ever been to, it’s an entirely new shopping experience.

It honestly feels crazy to get so many new clothes for so cheap. Not to mention there’s a “free room”, it’s basically racks and bins filled with clothes, shoes, and accessories that members can just take-for FREE- just basics like American Apparel T’s and what not, but still, amazing!

Go there, you will not regret it!!

Sarah N.

It’s always a high when you manage to find something fabulous at a fraction of the price anywhere else.  But what if you can refresh your own wardrobe by just swapping clothing/shoes/accessories you’re no longer wearing?  Everyone can afford to “shop” here!  I love this boutique and I wish I could stop by more often to check out what has been dropped off by other stylish ladies….    Seriously, I’ve seen Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Nanette Lepore, Kooba, and much more in the main room.   Plus, there’s another room filled with fun pieces from H&M, Banana Republic, etc.  Not to be out done is, well… the Free Room.  Yes, all the purses, shoes, dresses you find in here are free.  How nice is that?

Bring your unwanted clothes to swap !  You will for sure find something new and exciting that you just “can’t live without.”  I know I did.

Erne T.

I love to shop for clothes but I’m guilty of only wearing things a few times before I get sick of them.  The swap boutique is the best thing to happen to me because I can trade in my clothes for new ones and always be wearing something different.

At the swap, I’ve gotten some stuff from Bebe, juicy and Marciano and one of my fave sweaters I got from the famous free room!  Gather the clothes you no longer where and take them down there now and get great  new-to-you designer stuff!

Chimeren P.

Give + Take is a great way to revamp your closet. It’s different than the typical consignment shop (buy low, sell a little too high). At Give + Take, they use a point system that’s based on the original value of your clothes (swap $100 jeans for a $100 dress). This is especially cool if you’re a thrifty shopper and often find great brands on sale. I took in several things the first time and swapped for a sassy pair of red Guess wedges and two cute tops in the “one for one” room. When i got home, i did a complete sweep of my closet. Ella Moss, Miss Sixty, Free People, etc. and went back the next weekend. The location is charming and the concept is fresh and green…perfect for any time, and especially so right now. Have a look in your closet, find 5 or 6 things you haven’t worn in 6 months or so and go swapping!

Tommi I.

LOVE this place!!

I’m guilty of having an over-stuffed closet filled with clothes I don’t wear anymore but don’t want to give away for free.  This is the ideal place for me, where I can trade my forgotten (but expensive!) clothing for something of equal value that I will actually wear.  I’ve gotten so many fantastic dresses, shoes and shirts… I’m addicted!

Erin E.

So, I literally just got home from the Give + Take Swap Boutique and was so impressed that I’m sitting here at my computer, giving more priority to this review than to my dinner.

You see, I suffer from this disease– stuffed-closet-syndrome. Like many you, I buy expensive, designer clothing but when I’m tired of it, it sits- unloved, in the corner of the closet.

Give + Take Swap Boutique is amazing because your old favorites will finally get some love and in exchange you walk out with new(slightly loved), fabulous, designer garb! Membership is only $25 a month and it so worth it!

Lauren B.

This place is the best thing since sliced bread! I love a good bargain, just like the rest of us. But there’s nothing more exciting then trading my gently used items for something new to me! Give+Take is really one-of-a-kind! There’s nothing like it.  I just use my points and shop with it! I go almost every week to get new stuff and make it a fun outing with my good friend Michelle. It’s in a great neighborhood and very convenient!

Courtney S.

As a student it is hard to keep up a cute wardrobe + pay for books at the same time.  This is the perfect place for a girl on a budget to trade for a date outfit one day + exchange it back in for a job interview the next week, all while enabling me to let go of things that aren’t right for me without feeling bad about throwing them out.  People in my life have verbally noted my being more stylish since I joined, I’ve been asked fashion advice more and more!  It isn’t that I didn’t have cute clothes before, I was just over them.  I don’t have to feel guilty about overspending or making a purchase that only works once or twice.  This is an economic lifesaver and and environmental life saver as well!

Marion Z.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the swap! I’ve been going religiously since it opened over a year ago as I am always finding the cutest clothes and accessories. The selection is quite versatile and always changing. It is the perfect way to shop guilt free and walk away with a darling Little Black Dress or even a perfect tee. I have gotten a ton of compliments on my finds at the boutique and it gives me so much pleasure to promote the Swap. If you haven’t gone yet, GO!!!

Missy B.

Give + Take is a brilliant alternative to the consignment store. About a year before I found Give + Take, I went to great lengths to find an economical way to clear my closet. I sold on eBay and multiple consignment stores, only to spend a lot of time without much payback on my high quality, well-kept, designer labels that I no longer wore or fit.

How I wish I could have all that clothing back to bring in to Give + Take swap boutique!

The great thing about this shop is that it carries current, high quality clothing. I rarely leave empty handed, and I’m a picky shopper. It has changed my entire shopping attitude. I’m much more daring in my shopping habits now, because I know if I only wear an item once or twice, I can always bring it in to Give + Take, and leave with a comparable item in return! I recently went through an experimental boot phase (still am, actually) that I know for a fact left a few Give + Take shoppers happy!

At the risk of going on and on, I have to mention that the atmosphere of this place is lovely…. A trip to Give + Take is much more than a shopping experience, it feels like a bit of a social experience as well, if you want to make it one.

Shawna H.